Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cameron Diaz Bemused By Monogamy

Cameron Diaz doesn't believe in sharing her bed with the same person for her "whole life".

The 37-year-old actress - who has most recently been romantically linked to baseball player Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez - believes monogamy is an outdated concept and says it's perfectly acceptable not to spend your life with one partner.

She said: "Relationships can last two, five or 20 years. I don't believe in sharing your bed with the same person your whole life, though. That might be a reality for some, but it surely isn't for me."

Cameron - who has enjoyed a string of high-profile romances with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Matt Dillon and Jared Leto - believes society puts too much pressure on people to get married and says there is nothing wrong with staying single.

She added in an interview with German magazine Bunte: "You don't find true love, it finds you. Somewhere out there, there's someone you can share your love with. Our society tries to makes us believe you're ready for love at 18, have to get married and spend the rest of your life with the same man. Bullshit! That's not the ideal anymore these days. Some people find their true love at 50 and with today's life expectancy you could live another 50 years with that person. Just imagine having to sleep with the same guy for 20, 30 or even 50 years. If you can't you shouldn't go there." The Himalayan

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mariah Carey Gets Lambchops Dog

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have got a new dog - who they have called Jackie Lambchops.

The Jack Russell terrier puppy is just three weeks old and is the puppy of ChaCha, Mariah's long-time pampered pooch.

Nick said: "The new dog is amazing. It is all cute right now."

The 'America's Got Talent' presenter also revealed he and Mariah got the inspiration for the dog's moniker while watching Mafia drama 'The Sopranos'.

He explained: "We were watching 'The Sopranos' and Mariah took a couple of words that she always uses and it came together - Jackie Lambchops."

Although the animal-loving couple are happy with their new pet, they are still keen to have a baby in the near future.

Nick told People: "Some day, absolutely. That's definitely something we've got in mind. But we've got to stop working so much. When you're parents, that's a full-time gig. Each of us have several jobs, so we'd have to make some sacrifices when we're ready to do that." China Daily

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oprah knocks Angelina off the top of the Forbes celebrity power list

Superstar US talkshow host Oprah Winfrey regained the title of the world’s most powerful celebrity in her fourth appearance in the top spot, said a survey Forbes magazine published on Monday.

With $315 million in earnings, Winfrey, 56, who next year is set to launch her own television channel, ousted Angelina Jolie as the top power player with the actress slipping from last year's number one to the 18th spot.

In second place to the enduring talkshow diva, popular singer Beyonce Knowles jumped two positions with earnings of $87 million, following a profitable year for her growing entertainment and fashion empire.

Director James Cameron, fresh from the success of his record-breaking movie Avatar, came in third with earnings of $210 million.

The top rankings are based on income over the past 12 months, as well as web references, press clippings, broadcast mentions and major magazine covers devoted to the celebrity, Forbes said.

At number four was the list's highest-ranked newcomer - singing sensation and one-woman fashion whirlwind Lady Gaga.

With huge tours and successful music ventures, the New York-born entertainer earned $62 million in the past year.

Golfer Tiger Woods kept his high standing despite sensational reports of his extra-marital affairs, maintaining the number five position and raking in $105 million even in the wake of his self-imposed six-month break from the game.

Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao made it to number 55 on the list, up two notches from number 57 last year.

He is ranked higher than Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise (No. 56), Adam Sandler (No. 57), George Clooney (No. 58), Leonardo DiCaprio (No. 71), Robert Downey, Jr. (No. 73) and Julia Roberts (No. 77).

According to, the Filipino boxing icon earned the No. 55 ranking after earning $42 million in the past year. He ranked 47th in the list according to pay rank; 52nd in TV, radio and press mentions; and 60th in social media mentions.

Others in the top 10 included pop singer Britney Spears at six, and Irish rockers U2 at seven.

Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock, whose cheating husband kept her in the tabloid limelight, soared from last year's 92nd spot to be this year's number eight, with $56 million dollars in earnings.

Actor Johnny Depp was at number nine, while singer Madonna fell seven positions over her 2009 spot to round out the top 10 with $58 million in earnings. Gulf News

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sharapova Not Worried By Serena Power

The Russian was 17 when she thrashed Williams 6-1 6-4 to land her first grand slam, and the result was hailed at the time by Martina Navratilova as "the best thing" that could have happened to the women's game.

At the time, the Williams sisters were the dominant force in the game, closely followed by the Belgian pair of Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters.

Six years on and little has changed in that respect.

Sharapova has won two more slams, at the US Open in 2006 and Australian Open in 2008. But for injuries, she might have had more, and a fourth may not be far away. However few have tipped her for Wimbledon glory this year.

Shoulder trouble has been her most recent problem, but the 23-year-old has shown outstanding form so far in these Championships and should ask more questions of Williams than the defending champion's three opening opponents.

So far, Williams has won each first set 6-0. Her phenomenal force on the court has blown away opponents but Sharapova should be able to live with it better than Michelle Larcher De Brito, Anna Chakvetadze and Dominika Cibulkova have managed.

"Tennis is obviously not just about power," Sharapova said. "I think on grass it's a big key to the game. But I don't think that's everything in tennis."

Finesse and teenage appetite won out six years ago, but Sharapova also hits the ball more heavily than most so should not be smashed off court.

She remembers well the clash which made her an overnight superstar, but insists it will have no bearing on the outcome on Monday.

"I think that was our last meeting on grass," Sharapova said. "It's tough to take anything away from that match as it was many years ago. This will be a new day. I don't really think about yesterday or the day before.

"Whoever I play when I go out there, it's a new match. You have to take it as a new day.

"There are always wonderful memories. But when you step out on the court, it's new. You've got to start from scratch. The score is 0-0."

If the incredible happens and Williams wins another first set by a whitewash, she will know what to expect in the next, and has taken on board the suggestions of a legend in how to combat the reaction.

"I was talking to Billie Jean (King) in the locker room," Williams, 28, said.

"She said when a player wins 6-0 over your opponent, you've got to expect them to really come out loose, like they have absolutely nothing to lose, just start going for shots.

"I think that was really good advice. So if that happens again, I'll be ready."

Like Sharapova, Williams will not be looking back to 2004 when she determines how to tackle her opponent.

But she suggests the defeat that day was shaped in her mind.

"I just remember I was really nervous," Williams said. "I think I put too much pressure on myself. It didn't work out. That was that."

While both Sharapova and Williams know how Wimbledon triumph feels, neither Clijsters or Henin have had the privilege.

On Monday they duke it out for a place in the quarter-finals, the draw having been cruel, in the first full year of their comebacks from retirement, by putting them on an early collision course.

Henin has been runner-up twice, to Venus Williams in 2001 and Amelie Mauresmo in 2006, while Clijsters has won two US Opens and reached finals of the French and Australian slams but has yet to experience a Wimbledon final.

"I have to be very aggressive if I want to have a chance," Henin said. "I know what I'll have to do. But it's not that easy to do it on the court."

With many expecting a classic, Henin pointed out: "I would say in our first career, we've never played our best tennis against each other."

With Serena at the top of the draw, five-time champion Venus Williams is in the bottom half, along with Clijsters and Henin.

Venus faces Jarmila Groth, the Slovakian-born player who married Australian player Sam Groth and gained Australian citizenship last year.

Unseeded Groth has not dropped a set so far, and knocked out American seed Melanie Oudin in the second round.

Venus said: "I played her before when she had a different last name. It's been a while. But I know that she definitely likes to go out there and hit the ball hard." Orange News

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nadal Dismisses Gamesmanship Claim

Rafael Nadal defended himself over accusations that he bent the rules during his third-round win over Germany's Philipp Petzschner.

The world number one gained a 6-4 4-6 6-7 (5/7) 6-2 6-3 victory over the 33rd seed to set up a fourth-round clash on Monday with Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu but the win was not without controversy.

The Spaniard, whose knee injury flared up again during the match, received an official warning from umpire Cedric Mourier in the deciding set.

Mourier believed he was receiving tips from his coach and uncle Toni Nadal, who was in the players' box, and Petzschner suggested Nadal may have not really needed to take a medical time-out.

Nadal flatly denied receiving any on-court coaching and said he intends to take up the matter with Championships referee Andrew Jarrett.

"Sometimes in the past Toni would talk - maybe too much - and the referee or the umpire would give me advice and, if it continued, a warning, but he didn't talk too much today in my opinion," he said.

"I told him (the umpire) we're going to talk to the supervisor and we will be doing. Toni wasn't giving me any tip, he was only supporting me."

Petzschner, who produced some inspired tennis to lead by two sets to one before tiring, denied any suggestion that he had complained about coaching and sprang to the defence of his conqueror.

"I just heard words but it could have been 'vamos' (let's go) or whatever," Petzschner said. "It's tough to hear if you're down on the court because the whole arena is pretty loud.

"I don't know why he gave the warning or if it was coaching or not. I have absolutely idea. I think there was no coaching involved."

Petzschner, who also had courtside treatment for an old hip injury after feeling the effects of a third consecutive five-set match, blamed himself for losing his concentration during Nadal's medical time-out, suggesting it was a clever tactical ploy by his opponent.

"I'm pretty sad that I couldn't hold the focus," Petzschner said. "It was pretty clever, I think.

"Right now I'm not happy. This will maybe come tomorrow or in two days. Right now I'm just sad that I lost the match."

Asked if Nadal had resorted to gamesmanship, Petzschner replied: "I cannot say this. You have to ask him what it was. But I didn't feel any difference afterwards or before.

"I thought he was moving great. If I was injured like this once, I would be happy.

"Maybe he had something, maybe it was just a clever part to take a time-out there, I don't know.

"I don't assume that he just did it to break my rhythm but that's what happened and that's mostly my fault. That's what I have to work on.

"I just can tell you how it felt and it felt like he was still running the same for five sets and I think he could run another two or three sets.

"Ask him. He's the fittest player on tour and he's moving great around on the court."

Nadal, who also had to win a five-setter against Robin Haase in the last round, dismissed the suggestion that he was not seriously injured.

"I never call the physio when I don't have anything, not one time in my career," he said.

"If I call the physio today, it was because the knee was bothering me a lot."

The second seed, who was unable to defend his Wimbledon title last year because of a knee injury, initially summoned the trainer to attend to an issue with his left arm but said the problem quickly resolved itself.

He explained the knee injury was serious enough to force him to withdraw from Spain's Davis Cup team for their quarter-final with France but hopes it will not prevent him making further progress at Wimbledon.

"I am a little bit scared about the knee," he admitted.

"I had treatment after Monte Carlo and I had the problem against Roddick in the semi-finals of Miami.

"I don't like to say anything because, when you lose, it always looks like an excuse.

"I am here to try my best and to try to keep in the tournament and playing well. I am not thinking about retiring or anything like this. That's not going to happen.

"I have one day and a half to get recovered." Orange News

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cutting Teeth

“Hey, I am naked for you,’’ Kellan Lutz said with the same smoldering expression that stares out from those Calvin Klein underwear ads of his.

OK, not really. Lutz wasn’t technically naked, just shirtless. But, as anyone who’s seen those ads knows, that’s plenty enough. And, truth be told, he was more nonchalant than anything. Caught bare-chested while changing clothes between appointments — and yes those were CK boxers peaking out from his low-slung navy slacks — Lutz looked like a young man who’s used to having people look at his abs.

But he was sweetly goofy about his physical perfection, too. “Ta da! I’m so pale,’’ he said at another point, lifting his white polo shirt upon request and slapping his six-pack. Then he mentioned his mom and how much he loves to eat and how he’s so lucky the vampires don’t go shirtless like the werewolves do.

The vampires would be the Cullen clan of the wildly popular “Twilight’’ franchise, whose third and latest installment opens Wednesday. Lutz plays Emmett, one of the lesser vampires in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,’’ a Cullen brother/bloodsucker to be sure, but one with few lines and nothing close to the screen time of pasty-white star Robert Pattinson. In the movie, Lutz is mostly used as muscle. He hulks around a lot.

Still, “Twilight’’ has changed his life, and certainly his acting options. It has for many of the young actors associated with the films. The white-hot light of celebrity doesn’t shine much brighter than it has on them, with their every move now chronicled and caught on cellphone cameras.

Lutz says he welcomes the attention, for the most part (a publicist cautioned “no personal questions’’ when he was asked about the actress with the equally flat stomach he is allegedly dating). There’s none of Pattinson’s moodiness, or Kristen Stewart’s crankiness, from him. He says he doesn’t even mind the changes he’s had to make to his old routine. (Those would include no longer jogging in his Speedo, the 6-foot-1 former swimmer said.)

“I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve been acting for numerous years and doing other projects before ‘Twilight’ came,’’ Lutz said. “I think it would be different for someone who hasn’t been acting, going from zero to hero. It’s hard to maintain oneself when you have the world at your feet saying how great you are.

“Thank God,’’ he added, “we’re all at the age where we know who we are.’’

Lutz is 25. Much of the cast is early- to mid-20s, with the obvious exception of those who play the parents in the movie (vampire and human), as well as Stewart, 20, and 18-year-old Taylor Lautner, the good-guy werewolf whose wardrobe consists mainly of his smooth chest and butt-hugging shorts. Until the first “Twilight’’ in 2008, none of them was a star and, some movie and TV work aside, most were unknown.

Michael Welch, who plays an absolutely normal high-school student named Mike Newton — no fangs, no extra body hair — is 22 with a long acting resume that dates back to when he was in elementary school. His first role was as a young Niles on the “Frasier’’ TV show in 1998. But “Twilight’’ has been something else altogether, even for a character as minor as his.

“I do get some of that, certainly not to the degree of the big three stars of the film, which is fine by me,’’ Welch said of weepy, shrieking female fans. “One thing that keeps me grounded, I know that it’s the franchise and it’s not me. I’m just a lucky guy who got to be part of this journey. . .

“I know that when you are thrust into fame without having a foundation that you’ve built over the years, it can become very difficult to sustain that,’’ he added. “I don’t doubt I can make the transition into other work and I hope the same for all of my castmates and I wish them well, but probably some of them are going to have a hard time of it.’’

For now, however, the saga goes on. And on. Summit Entertainment is splitting the final novel in author Stephenie Meyer’s series into two installments, with the story slated to come to a close in 2012.

Director David Slade (“Hard Candy’’) inherited most of his “Eclipse’’ cast, although a villainous new vampire (Aussie actor Xavier Samuel) was his call. He jokes about them appearing at “Twilight’’ conventions years from now (“Come and sit on Batman’s lap. Is that your mom?’’) but stresses that he has no concerns that any of them will implode or be unable to make a living acting, if they want.

“What advice would I give these kids? It’s impossible to give them advice,’’ Slade said. “They’re all down to earth. They’re all hard-working, without exception, and I think that will do them fine. The main thing is that all these actors . . . know their craft and if they’re early in their careers, they’re well on their way to learning it.

“I don’t think,’’ he added, “that you’ll fill up your gas in 10 years and find one of them. They’ll all be just fine.’’

For his part, Lutz describes himself as a man with a plan. Vampiric victories and his stint opposite Lisa Kudrow on HBO’s “The Comeback’’ aside, his true aim is to be an action star. Sure there have been horror flicks (the remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street’’ earlier this year) and there are romantic comedies coming (“Love, Wedding, Marriage’’). But what gets him going — and gets him to lift up his shirt again — is his role as Poseidon in next year’s “Immortals,’’ where he gets to play gladiator in the digital age. And he bears the (albeit small) scars of that shoot, literally, where he was sliced with a machete.

“I don’t have tattoos, but I wear these scars as tattoos,’’ he said, almost giddily. “I just love them. And that movie was my dream role. I did so much fighting in it.’’

Unlike his recurring character on the CW spinoff series “90210,’’ Lutz comes off less like arrogant athlete George Evans and more like an oversize everyman. He’s huge but huggy. He seems perfectly happy to be sitting in a swank hotel room talking about the franchise yet again — and uses the opportunity to highlight his pet projects: Royal Family Kids’ Camps for abused and abandoned children, and the St. Bernard Project, helping to rebuild housing post-Katrina. He can also be a bit geeky, and once considered becoming a chemical engineer. He still invents things and holds two patents.

“I really don’t care about fame,’’ Lutz said, diving into a plate of cookies. “Being a middle man in this franchise, it’s a blessing. Yeah, I’d enjoy being in Rob’s shoes or Taylor’s shoes, but it’s even better to benefit from it under the radar.’’

Lutz agrees with Welch, who says the entire cast shares a self-mocking camaraderie that makes any level of celebrity easier.

“We talk about the ridiculousness of the whole thing from our perspective,’’ Welch said. “I’m not saying it’s ridiculous but, yes, we know we’re not that big of a deal but other people think we are.’’ Boston Globe

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mariah Carey Sued By Vet After She Fails To Pay $30k Bill For Saving Jack Russell Puppy

Mariah Carey is being sued by her vet after failing to pay a five-figure bill for nursing back to health her Jack Russell puppy.

The vet and her staff slept with the dangerously ill newborn as they provided 24-hour care during the two-and-a-half week assignment, even making videos of the dog's recovery to send to the singer.

But multi-millionaire Mariah only paid $8,231 of the $37,790 bill, according to a suit filed by vet Condy Bressler at Manhattan's Supreme Court.

According to the New York Post Dr Bressler was called in to help when Mariah's dog Cha Cha, only six months old herself, gave birth to her first puppy.

Newborn Dolomite needed intensive care following the birth, and Dr Bressler left her New York practise to move into Mariah's mansion.

A source told the Post: 'We were up all night caring for and tube-feeding the puppy. Mariah loves her dogs and requested the best care and that's what she got.'

Following the birth animal lover Mariah had tweeted: 'ChaCha just had her baby! Its a girl! Anybody want a beautiful Jack Russell puppy?!'

But despite her initial interest, according to court papers, Mariah only paid a fraction of the final bill.

'She [Bressler] is a doctor and Mariah acted like Dr Bressler was one of her hair or makeup people,' said the source.

Dr Bressler did not comment, but her attorney said she 'provided life-saving, round-the clock medical care.'

'The costs were clearly communicated costs associated with this level of treatment,' he added.

Mariah's attorney said she intended to fight the lawsuit, which he described as a 'crass publicity stunt'. The Daily Mail